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Create Your Own Gallery

Here you can find out how to create your own gallery of favourite images, view the project team’s personal favourites, and see polar personalities’ choices.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes shares his thoughts on the Freeze Frame collections and chooses some of his favourite polar images.

The Project Team pick their favourite images.

How to save your favourites and create your own gallery:

As you look through the collections you may wish to bookmark a set of images so that you can easily return to them at a later time.

You can save these images in your own personal gallery. Once saved, you will be able to add or delete your gallery images at any time.

The following instructions take you through the steps needed to create your gallery:

1. In order to make your gallery you will first need to register and logon to the Freeze Frame site. To do this, select the Login/Register option located in the top right of the page.

2. Two boxes will appear: <username> and <password>. Type in your chosen username, this may be the name you wish to call your gallery, then type in a password and select the Login/Register option again.

3. If you have not already registered, when you enter your chosen username and password for the first time a pop up box will appear stating that ‘This account does not exist, click ok to register it, or cancel to try again’. Follow these instructions and click ok if you wish to register.

4. Once you have selected ok a new pop up box will appear stating ‘account created. your favourites will be saved’. You will now be logged in, this is shown in the top right of the screen.

5. When you see an image you like, you can add it to your favourites by first selecting the image. Then, on the right hand side of the image information there will be a <make favourite> tag, simply select this and your image will be automatically added to your favourites.

6. Once you have added your first image, a <my favourites> tag will appear on the left hand side of the menu bar. To view your favourites select this option, from here you can remove images and view a slideshow of your gallery.

7. To delete an image, select it, and where the <make favourite> tag was, there is now <a favourite> tag. In this tag is a small grey and white cross, simply click on the cross to delete the image from your gallery.

8. To log out when you have finished, select the ‘logout’ option in the top right of the page. You can log back in to your gallery at any time using your username and password.