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Freeze Frame Scott Polar Research Institute


Freeze frame was very much a coollaborative effort.  The Freeze Frame project team and JISC would like to extend their thanks to the following individuals for their input into the project  in general and this site.



Credit goes to the academic members of our Steering Committee:



  • Dr Robin Bassford, Head of Geography, Parmiter’s School, Watford
  • Michael Hambrey, Professor of Geography & Earth Sciences, University of Wales, Aberystwyth
  • Martin Siegert, Professor of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Beau Riffenburgh, Independent writer and polar historian
  • Liam Nolan, Biology Lecturer, Cirencester College

And to our Project consultants, without whom much of the technical development would not have been possible:

  • Repository: Tom de Mulder (DSpace@Cambridge)
  • Photographic and digital imaging: Don Manning (Manager, CU Photography and Illustration Service)
  • Conservation: Nick Burnett, Museum Conservation Services Ltd (Imperial War Museum)
  • Web design: Dan Sheppard and Mike Richardson (CARET); Martin Lucas-Smith (Computer Officer, CU Department of Geography)
  • Metadata standards: Dan Sheppard (CARET)
  • Portals: Angela Murphy (Consultant, Image Management and Rights Clearance)

All source materials form part of the Collection of the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Miss Lucy Martin, Picture Library Manager, for all her help and cooperation during the project.


The majority of the material was scanned and digitized by the technical members of the project team of Tim Banting, Jon Bird, Jenny Newbury and Sally Verrall, under the guidance of the Project Manager, Naomi Boneham and consultant Don Manning, Head of Imaging Services at Cambridge University Library.


The Ponting negatives were scanned by Mr Nicholas Burnett and his team at Museum Conservation Services Ltd at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford.


The images were catalogued by Mr Frank Bowles and Ms Willow Silvani and the resource packages written by Ms Mel Rouse.


Other individuals including Professor Julian Dowdeswell, Dr Huw Lewis-Jones, Dr Ian Willis, Miss Rebecca Stancombe, and Miss Janette Dutton have all made contributions to this site.


Funding for this site was made available from the JISC and has been managed from JISC by Alastair Dunning, who has been a constant source of support and advice and on whose expertise in the area of sustainability we have relied. Other past and present members of the JISC have also given assistance, including Dicky Maidment-Otlet and Paola Marchionni.


[Mapping reproduced by kind permission of MAGIC, British Antarctic Survey.] 

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