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Freeze Frame Scott Polar Research Institute

User guide

The Freeze Frame images have been created to support research, learning and teaching. The Scott Polar Research Institute has also created five resource packages on themes relating to polar history and the environment.

Exploring the site:

Searching the image catalogue:

The search box found in the top right hand corner of each page provides “free text” searching of the whole of the Freeze Frame site.

There are several types of search you can make to discover the Freeze Frame Images:

  • Reference: Each image has a unique reference number for example: P2005/5/913
  • Title: Each image has a title, this is assigned where possible from the original caption provided by the photographer.
  • Description: This will explain the type of image for example: glass plate negative
  • Collection: This will describe the collection the image comes from
  • Summary Text: Brief description of the image
  • Date: When the image was taken, usually from a note by the photographer
  • Keywords: We have indexed the images under various headings
  • Location: Where the image was taken
  • Photographer: Who took the image

There are several types of search you can make to discover the Freeze Frame Images:

Resources: Biographies and expedition guides

For each of the expeditions covered by Freeze Frame we have provided short  biographies of the leaders and the photographers whose images you can view, such as Sir Ernest Shackleton .

Illustrated summaries of all of the expeditions covered by the project are also available.

Resources: Thematic

The resources currently available are:

We are also developing a resource on environmental change.


The gallery is a series of images from the collections which have been arranged under various themes . You can also create your own gallery  where you canstore images for your research. Information on how to set up your personal gallery can be found here

Purchasing Images:

Many of the images shown on the website are avaliable to purchase through our Picture Library

Development of additional resources

The SPRI is always interested in supporting learning and teaching activities and assisting the sharing of information related to its image library. If you have an idea you would like to pursue, or have used the images and would like to show us or tell us about your experience, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Freeze Frame – The Project

You can read more about the background to the project, the Scott Polar Research Institute and JISC on our porject pages

Contact Us

Get in touch with the Freeze Frame team and order images