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Further Reading and Additional Material

All our resources are accompanied by a short list of suggested books and articles which are relevant to that particular area. You should first have a look at the suggested reading at the end of the particular resource. Where possible we have tried to list books that are widely available. Many reprints have been made of early published accounts and if the latest reprint year is known this is also given.

Access to suggested readings

Many of the expedition leaders and members wrote and published accounts of their experiences. These accounts are useful resources for polar researchers as they allow us to read exactly what leaders experienced and what they thought in their own words. The accounts for the most famous expeditions have been reprinted numerous times and so are available to buy quite cheaply as well as being found in many public libraries.

Unfortunately, some of the official accounts for the less well-known expeditions have not been reprinted and so are rather difficult to obtain. However, these accounts offer just as great an insight into the particular expeditions.  The Scott Polar Research Institute has the world’s most comprehensive polar library and visitors are most welcome to come and use these resources. At times demand can be high and so please see the library page of the Institute’s website for information about arranging a visit.

If you are unable to make a trip to the library in Cambridge, some books may be available through your university or local library’s inter library loan system. You should speak to your university library or your local library about this, as each will have their own way of arranging loans.
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